Master Cancel is our new insurance policy that automatically covers ANY NEW BOOKING^ for a cancellation between 60 and 2 days before your arrival for ANY* reason. That means you will get a FULL refund if you cancel your holiday within these dates.

Any booking payments made for check in dates AFTER 1ST AUGUST 2020 are covered in full.

The refund payment for cancelled bookings will be released back to the cancelling Hirer on the scheduled final date of the original booking. If you paid by card, this is the date we will request that they provide you with a refund. Please allow 14 days for the money to be refunded to you. If you paid by bank transfer, this is the date we will authorise your refund, payments are normally instant, however, please allow 48 hours for funds to appear.

If bookings are cancelled prior to 60 days before the booking takes place the deposit will only be returned when a replacement booking has been obtained and a cancellation fee equalling 10% of the booking total will be charged.  Should there be any price reduction to secure the replacement booking, this will also be deducted from the returned deposit.

Cancellations made 2 days or 1 day prior to or the day of check-in will not be eligible for refund. Example: For a check in on Saturday, Hirer could cancel the prior Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but not Thursday (2 days prior) or Friday (1 day prior) or Saturday (day of check in).

*Excluding the following reasons, that no insurance covers:
• Losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from Acts of War and Terrorism are excluded from the insurance. This means that OTC will not reimburse any bookings for cancellations arising indirectly or directly from
• war, civil war, invasion of foreign enemies, war-like activities (whether or not there is an actual declaration of war),rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising to the level of uprising, military or usurped power;
• acts of terrorism committed for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes;
• actions intended to prevent any of the above.
• Losses arising from /nuclear reaction, radioactivity, and radioactive contamination are likewise excluded from the insurance; OTC will not reimburse its property managers for cancellations arising indirectly or directly from such occurrences.